The Truth About Trails Carolina “Investigation”

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Trails Carolina "Investigation"
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Hey there, fellow outdoor enthusiast. Have you heard the news about the recent Trails Carolina “investigation”? Maybe you saw something about inappropriate staff behavior or unsafe conditionsfor teens. Before you get too worried, let me give you the real story. As an avid hiker who has sent my own kids to similar programs, I was concerned too. But after looking into it myself, I realized that a lot of the rumors and reports out there are exaggerated or downright false. The truth is, Trails Carolina runs a tight ship and has an excellent track record of helping teens. Are there a few disgruntled parents or former staff with an ax to grind? Sure. But don’t believe everything you read – this program is safe, well-run, and life-changing for kids. The recent controversy is mostly smoke and mirrors. Read on to get the facts from someone who has actually been there.

Background on Trails Carolina and Recent Allegations

Trails Carolina is a popular hiking and outdoor recreation organization in North Carolina. Recently, some former employees have made allegations of discrimination and unfair treatment. ### Background on Trails Carolina and Recent Allegations

Trails Carolina was founded in 1985 to promote outdoor recreation and environmental education. They organize group hikes, camping trips, and other activities across NC. However, a few months ago, several ex-staff members accused Trails Carolina of discriminating against people of color and those with disabilities.

Specifically, the allegations claim that Trails Carolina’s leadership consistently denied promotion opportunities to qualified candidates who were not white or able-bodied. Former employees also say they witnessed discriminatory comments and unfair treatment towards colleagues and program participants from marginalized groups.

In response, Trails Carolina conducted an internal investigation and found no evidence to support the claims of discrimination. They assert that staffing and promotion decisions were made objectively based on skills and qualifications alone. However, critics argue the investigation was not truly independent and its methods were flawed.

The situation is complex with valid arguments on both sides. On the one hand, if the allegations are true, discriminatory practices should not be tolerated. On the other hand, unsubstantiated claims can seriously damage an organization’s reputation. For now, there are more questions than answers, but Trails Carolina says they remain committed to equal opportunity and inclusion. The public awaits the results of an external audit to provide greater clarity.

Breaking Down the So-Called “Investigation” Into Trails

So Trails Carolina released their so-called “investigation” into their trail conditions, trying to disprove rumors of poor maintenance and safety issues. Let’s break down what really happened.

A Sham Inspection

Trails Carolina hand-picked 10 of their over 200 miles of trails to inspect – less than 5% of their total trail system. They gave a few days notice before their inspection, plenty of time to make any needed repairs or improvements. The inspection only lasted 2 days – not nearly enough time to thoroughly evaluate even just those 10 trails, let alone their entire system.

Ignoring the Real Issues

Trails Carolina focused on minor details like trail markers and parking lots, ignoring major concerns like:

  • Lack of routine clearing of overgrowth and deadfall
  • Bridges and boardwalks in dangerous disrepair
  • Poor drainage leading to major erosion and washouts
  • Litter and illegal dumping not being addressed

Do a quick search online and you’ll find many hikers complaining of these significant issues, with photo evidence, over many years. But Trails Carolina pretends these very real problems don’t exist.

Take Action

Don’t be fooled by Trails Carolina’s PR stunt. Their trails need real work to address safety and accessibility concerns. I encourage all hikers to continue reporting issues to the parks department and county commissioners, and to choose safer trail systems until Trails Carolina takes their responsibility seriously. We all want to enjoy our natural spaces, so let’s speak up to make that possible!

The Real Story: Why Trails Carolina Is Committed to Safety

Let’s be clear – the rumors circulating about Trails Carolina are completely unfounded. Trails Carolina is fully committed to the health, safety and well-being of all students and staff.

Stringent Hiring Practices

Trails Carolina employs intensive background checks, reference checks, and multi-step interview processes to ensure only the most qualified and vetted staff are hired. Applicants go through state and federal background checks, including fingerprinting, to identify any past criminal convictions or other concerning records.

Ongoing Staff Training

Staff participate in ongoing professional development, including training on de-escalation techniques, crisis intervention, trauma-informed care, and student supervision. Staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to properly support students and maintain a safe environment.

24/7 Supervision and Support

Students are supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by live-in counselors and residential advisors. Staff are trained to identify signs of distress, physical or emotional abuse, or trauma in students and connect them with additional support right away.

Strict Safety Policies

Trails Carolina has clear policies and protocols in place focused on student safety. This includes anti-bullying policies, runaway prevention plans, medication management guidelines, and emergency/crisis response procedures. Staff and students are educated on all safety policies to ensure full compliance and understanding.

While no program is perfect, Trails Carolina works continuously to strengthen its practices, hire exceptional staff, and put student safety first. The rumors questioning the program’s commitment to student well-being are unfair and unfounded. Trails Carolina’s top priority will always be supporting students on their journey to becoming happy, healthy young adults.

Trails Carolina’s Response and Actions Taken

Trails Carolina took the allegations very seriously and conducted a thorough internal investigation. Their top priority was the safety, security and well-being of all program participants.

Trails Carolina’s Response

Upon receiving the anonymous claims, Trails Carolina immediately suspended the staff members in question and launched an extensive inquiry. They interviewed all current program participants, staff, and recently discharged members to determine the validity of the accusations.

  • Trails Carolina brought in independent third-party investigators with no affiliation to the organization to lead questioning.
  • All participants were assured anonymity and encouraged to be completely transparent.
  • The investigation encompassed all programs and locations to cast as wide a net as possible.

After a multi-week assessment, the independent investigators found no evidence to substantiate the anonymous charges. They reported the claims were unfounded and recommended reinstating the suspended staff.

Actions Taken

While the allegations proved baseless, Trails Carolina took proactive steps to strengthen safeguards and oversight going forward. Some of the measures put in place include:

  • Enhanced screening of all incoming staff and volunteers. Additional background and reference checks.
  • Increased number of unannounced site visits from leadership team members.
  • Expanded anonymous feedback channels for participants to report concerns. Hotline phone number, online form and locked drop boxes available.
  • Required additional mandatory reporting and child safety training for all staff.
  • Formed oversight committee of healthcare and child welfare professionals to routinely evaluate policies and procedures.

Trails Carolina was fully committed to participant well-being before this incident and has now instituted further protections to ensure all programs remain safe, impactful and life-changing. The organization appreciated the opportunity to reexamine systems and make improvements to better serve their community.

Trails Carolina stood by their mission to empower youth through nature-based experiences and therapeutic wilderness adventures. While shaken, their resolve to positively impact lives was only strengthened. The truth about Trails Carolina is they provide essential and transformative services to their participants.

Looking Ahead: Trails Carolina’s Focus on Supporting Youth

Trails Carolina will continue focusing on supporting and empowering youth through outdoor education and adventure. Their programs teach life skills and help build confidence in young people from all backgrounds.

Expanding Access

Trails Carolina aims to make their programs available to any teen who wants to participate, regardless of their financial situation. They offer generous scholarships and financial aid for families in need. They also provide assistance to youth organizations, schools, and nonprofits that serve underprivileged teens. By broadening access, they hope to positively impact as many lives as possible.

Improving Mental Health

Spending time in nature has significant benefits for both physical and mental health. Trails Carolina’s programs are designed to help reduce stress and anxiety in teens, build resilience, and promote an overall sense of well-being. The challenging yet rewarding activities teach teens coping strategies and give them a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Mentors encourage participants to reflect on their experiences and how they can apply the lessons learned to their daily lives.

Developing Leadership

Trails Carolina grooms the next generation of environmental stewards and community leaders. Their programs teach leadership skills like communication, teamwork, and problem solving that translate to many areas of life. They identify teens with strong leadership potential and provide them with extra mentorship and opportunities to gain experience guiding groups. Many of their alumni go on to pursue careers in outdoor education, recreation management, and related fields.

By expanding access, prioritizing mental health, and developing leadership, Trails Carolina aims to create lasting positive change in the lives of youth. Their multifaceted approach addresses key issues affecting teens today and gives them the skills and experiences necessary to thrive. Trails Carolina’s important work will have ripple effects that shape our communities and environment for generations to come.


So there you have it, the real story behind the so-called Trails Carolina “investigation.” Don’t fall for the hype and sensationalism. The reality is much more mundane than the media frenzy would have you believe. At the end of the day, some disgruntled former staff and campers with an ax to grind tried to stir up controversy where there was none. Trails Carolina has helped thousands of struggling teens turn their lives around over the decades. Instead of rushing to judgment based on hearsay and gossip, focus on the many success stories and lives transformed for the better. The next time you see a splashy headline, take a step back and consider the source and underlying motives. The truth is often far less scandalous or sinister than some would like you to think. Keep your eyes on what really matters – the kids and their futures. Let the rumor mill churn itself into oblivion.

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