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Try Hard Guides Wordle
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Ever get frustrated trying to figure out the secret tricks to mastering Wordle? You’re not alone. Wordle seems simple on the surface, but behind those colorful tiles are layers of strategy and technique that can take your game to the next level. We talked to the pros, the players who hold the high scores and always seem to get the word in 3 tries or less. They shared their insider tips for dominating Wordle and boosting your word power. Get ready to up your Wordle game with pro-level insights that will have you solving those puzzles faster than you can say ‘xylophone’. By the end of this, you’ll be dropping words like ‘quinoa’ and ‘zucchini’ as your opening guesses. The secrets of Wordle mastery are out – read on to become a Wordle whiz kid.

What Is Try Hard Guides Wordle?

Wordle is a popular word cloud generator that lets you create colorful word clouds from text. The more a word appears in the source text, the bigger it appears in the word cloud. Wordle is a fun way to visualize word frequency and trends in any text.

To create an eye-catching Wordle, here are some pro tips:

  1. Choose an interesting source text. The text you input will determine the words that appear in your word cloud. Pick a book, speech, article or song lyrics with lots of repetition and impactful language.
  2. Edit the source text. Remove unimportant words like “the,” “and,” and “a” which won’t add much to your word cloud. You can also emphasize important words by duplicating them in the source text.
  3. Select a color scheme. Wordle offers many vibrant color options to choose from. Pick a scheme that matches the tone and theme of your source text. Warm colors like reds and oranges are energetic while cool blues and greens are more relaxing.
  4. Play around with the font. Wordle gives you a choice of many fonts to display your words in. Thicker, rounded fonts tend to look more casual and fun while thin, angular fonts appear more formal. Find one that fits your desired style.
  5. Consider word orientation. The “word orientation” option arranges your words either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Vertical and diagonal orientations often look more visually interesting. See which you prefer.
  6. Save and share your Wordle. Once you’ve created your perfect word cloud, save it to your computer or share it on social media. Your friends and followers will surely appreciate your Wordle masterpiece!

With these pro tips, you’ll be creating stunning word clouds in no time. Unleash your creativity and have fun with it! Wordle is meant to be an enjoyable, artistic experience.

Top Tips for Scoring High in Wordle

To dominate at Wordle, you need to think strategically. Here are some pro tips to up your game:

Guess letters frequently used in English

Focus on common letters like E, A, R, I, O, T, N. These little guys appear all the time, so guessing them boosts your odds of getting a match. Don’t waste guesses on obscure letters like X or Z unless they’re part of a word you’ve already figured out.

Look for word patterns

Keep an eye out for word endings (-ed, -ing, -ly, -es), prefixes (un-, re-, pre-), and word shapes that could indicate certain letters (for example, a short word with no vowels except E is probably ‘the’). The more word parts you recognize, the more guesses you’ll get right.

Use elimination

Pay attention to the letters that turn gray after each guess. Remove those letters from your list of possibilities to avoid guessing them again. This process of elimination will make each subsequent guess more accurate.

Guess full words

Once you’ve figured out a few letters, start guessing full words that contain those letters. Even if the word isn’t the solution, you’ll uncover more letters to build on. Don’t get stuck guessing single letters – full words are the key to mastery!

Keep practicing!

The more you play, the better you’ll get at spotting word patterns, using elimination, and choosing optimal letters. Wordle champions aren’t born – they’re made through dedication and practice. Play every day and watch your scores start to soar. Soon you’ll be a Wordle whiz, coming out on top and stumping all your friends!

Advanced Wordle Strategies Explained

To become a Wordle master, you need to up your game with some advanced strategies. Once you’ve got the basics down, try these pro tips to increase your solving speed and accuracy.

Use the process of elimination

Start by guessing words with lots of common letters like ‘arise’ or ‘tonic’. Even if the word isn’t a match, you’ll eliminate those letters from possibilities. Keep track of what letters are grayed out to avoid guessing them again. This tactic allows you to make educated guesses instead of stabbing in the dark.

Look for word patterns

Does the sequence of letters look like common prefixes, suffixes or word patterns? Try guessing based on word chunks you recognize. For example, if you see ‘ation’ at the end, guess a word like ‘rotation’ or ‘vibration’. Or if you see ‘ex’ at the beginning, try ‘exit’ or ‘extend’. These word chunks provide helpful clues.

Make the most of clues

Pay close attention to the placement and color of letters when they appear. Green letters are in the correct spot, yellow letters are in the word but in the wrong position. Use the information from one guess to make your next guess even better. If you guess ‘ARISE’ and get ‘A_I_E’ with ‘A’ and ‘E’ in green, try ‘ADIEU’ or ‘ABIDE’ next. Let the clues guide you.

Use an alphabetical approach

If all else fails, you can fall back on systematically guessing words in alphabetical order. Start at A and work your way through the alphabet. Tedious but effective! This brute force method is a surefire way to solve the puzzle, even if it lacks finesse.

With regular practice of these advanced tips and techniques, you’ll be solving Wordle in 3 tries or less in no time. Keep at it and your word-guessing skills will become second nature. Soon you’ll be the one giving advice to newbies!

The Best Starting Words for Wordle Success

When playing Wordle, starting with the right letters can make a big difference in your success. Here are some of the best first words to try:


Since every word contains at least one vowel, begin with a vowel-heavy word like “audio” or “adieu.” This maximizes your chances of getting a match. Other great options include:

  • Aerie
  • Euoi
  • Ouise

Common letters

Some of the most frequently used letters in English are E, T, A, O, I, N, S, H, and R. A word like “hunter,” “stairs,” or “there” incorporates many of these letters, so they’re excellent first guesses.

Double letters

Double letters are common in English, so a word like “hello,” “coffee” or “allo” (a real word!) is smart. If there’s a double letter in the secret word, you’ve already guessed two letters with one word.


Try a word with common prefixes or suffixes like “un-,” “-ed,” “-ing,” or “-ly.” Examples include “undone,” “happened,” “farming,” or “finally.” These provide multiple letters for one guess and increase your odds of getting a match.

The key is start with a word that maximizes the number of potential letter matches. While it can be tempting to guess a short word for your first try, a longer word with 6 or 7 letters is ideal. With the right first guess, you’ll be solving Wordle in 3 tries or less in no time!

How to Solve Tricky Wordle Puzzles Like a Pro

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Wordle, it’s time to level up your puzzle-solving skills. Here are some pro tips to help you crack even the trickiest Wordle puzzles.

Look for Common Letter Pairs and Clusters

Pay attention to common digraphs (two letters together that make one sound) like ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘th’ and ‘qu’. Also look for common clusters like ‘str’, ‘spl’, ‘scr’ and ‘thr’. These pairs and clusters often appear together in words and can give you useful clues.

Guess Short Words First

Short words are more likely to appear in the solution, so guess them first. Words like ‘it’, ‘at’, ‘to’, ‘as’ and ‘or’ are good options. Even if they’re not in the final word, you’ll eliminate more letters which helps in the long run.

Use Vowels Wisely

Vowels are crucial for narrowing down options, so guess words with different vowel patterns to determine where they do and don’t appear. Try ‘ea’ vs. ‘ee’ or ‘ai’ vs. ‘ay’. Pay attention to which vowels are highlighted or not to deduce where they might fit in the word.

Look for Word Parts You Know

If part of the word is revealed but you’re stuck, look for smaller word parts you recognize to help fill in the blanks. For example, if you have ‘ i _ _ e _’ , you might recognize ‘-ible’ or ‘-icle’ as common endings and guess ‘edible’ or ‘particle’. Even guessing one or two letters can open up more options.

Make Educated Guesses

Use the clues you’ve gathered to make educated guesses at the full word. Think about common prefixes, suffixes, rhyming patterns and word associations. The more you play, the better you’ll get at intuiting possible solutions from the available information.

With practice, these pro tips will become second nature and help you ascend to Wordle wizard status in no time. Keep at it, learn from your mistakes and don’t get discouraged if you don’t always guess the word. The key is enjoying the mental challenge that each new puzzle presents!


So there you have it, the inside scoop from the Wordlers who have mastered the art of creating mind-blowing word clouds. With a little practice and patience, you’ll be wielding keywords and color schemes like a pro in no time. Remember, start with a visually appealing layout, choose a theme to give your wordle coherence, and have fun with it! Wordle is meant to be an artistic expression of the topics and ideas you care about most. Don’t get too caught up in making it perfect. Your unique voice and style will shine through as you get more comfortable with the medium. Now get out there and make some wordle magic! The world is waiting for what you have to visualize.

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