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Kedge Business School
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Hey there, are you a young person looking for a top-notch business school education with a purpose? You should check out Kedge Business School. Located in the south of France with campuses in Marseille, Bordeaux, and Toulon, Kedge offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. At Kedge, it’s all about fusing business with purpose.

Their mission is to shape “game-changing” leaders who create sustainable economic, social and environmental value. We’re talking next-generation business thinkers who want to disrupt the status quo. If you’re tired of traditional MBA programs that churn out uninspiring careers in banking or consulting, Kedge just might be for you. Here, it’s about learning by doing through live consulting projects, entrepreneurial ventures, and a strong focus on responsible leadership and innovation.

Kedge is also highly ranked, accredited and has a global network of more than 60,000 alumni. The icing on the cake? You get to soak in the Mediterranean sun while gaining a world-class business education. Who said you can’t change the world from a beach in the French Riviera? At Kedge, you absolutely can. Purpose with pleasure – that’s what they’re all about!

An Introduction to Kedge Business School

Kedge Business School is where business meets purpose. Founded in 1871 in Marseille, France, Kedge is now a leading business school with over 8,500 students across five campuses in France and China.

A values-driven education

At Kedge, we believe business can and should be a force for good. Our programs focus on responsible leadership, innovation, and sustainability. Students learn both hard and soft skills to prepare them for careers with purpose and impact.

  • Responsible leadership. Leaders shape our future, so we teach students ethical decision making, stakeholder engagement, and how to drive change.
  • Innovation. We live in a world of constant change, so students develop an entrepreneurial mindset, learn design thinking, and how to navigate digital transformation.
  • Sustainability. Business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Students explore sustainable business models, the circular economy, and how to create shared value for companies and communities.

A global outlook

With campuses in France and China, plus exchange programs around the world, Kedge students develop a global perspective. They learn intercultural communication, study different business environments, and build a diverse professional network.

Life after Kedge

Kedge alumni go on to careers with purpose at companies like L’Oréal, Accenture, and EY. As lifelong learners, Kedge alumni stay connected through our global alumni network and continue to shape the future of business.

Ready to join us? Learn more at Together, we’ll shape the future of business.

Kedge’s Values: Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability

Kedge believes that business should be a force for good. Their values of ethics, responsibility and sustainability are woven into everything they do.


Kedge expects students to conduct themselves with integrity. Professors emphasize the importance of ethical decision making and social responsibility in business. Students learn that success should be achieved through honest, principled means.


Students are taught to consider all stakeholders when making choices, not just shareholders. They learn that businesses have a duty to employees, communities and the environment. Kedge encourages students to think about business challenges from multiple perspectives.


Kedge believes businesses should meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations. Students explore sustainable innovations and strategies across industries. Professors teach ecological principles and how to apply them in a business setting.

By instilling these values in students, Kedge aims to transform business into a powerful mechanism for change. Graduates leave equipped not just with business know-how, but the vision and determination to build a better future.

Isn’t it time for business schools to do more than produce employees and increase profits? At Kedge, business education serves a higher purpose. Students learn that success means more than the bottom line – it means improving lives, society and the planet.

Top Programs at Kedge Business School

Kedge Business School offers several highly-ranked programs for aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs. Here are a few of their top programs:

Master in Management (MiM)

This 2-year program provides a foundation in core business concepts and skills. You’ll take courses in areas like finance, marketing, strategy, and leadership. The MiM program has a strong focus on professional development, with opportunities for internships, consulting projects, and study abroad. Kedge is ranked in the top 15 worldwide for its Master in Management programs.

MSc in Digital Business

In today’s digital world, companies need leaders who understand how to leverage technology and data. The MSc in Digital Business program equips you with the strategic and practical skills for a career as a digital business analyst, consultant, or entrepreneur. You’ll learn how to analyze digital ecosystems, implement growth hacking techniques, and develop innovative digital strategies. This tech-focused program is ideal for those interested in consulting, marketing, or launching their own digital startup.

MBA in Sustainable Business

Sustainability and social impact are increasingly priorities for businesses and consumers alike. Kedge’s MBA in Sustainable Business program provides the knowledge and network to lead change in this growing field. In this 1-year MBA, you’ll focus on sustainable business models, CSR, green marketing, and more. You can specialize in areas like energy transition, sustainable luxury, or the circular economy. The program includes consulting projects, business plan competitions, and opportunities to connect with sustainable companies.

Summer Academy

For a short immersive experience, consider Kedge’s Summer Academy. This 2 to 4 week program offers a taste of Kedge’s degree programs in areas like digital business, finance, luxury brand management, and wine & spirits business. The Summer Academy includes company visits, networking events, cultural activities in Marseille, and access to Kedge’s campus and facilities. It’s an ideal way to discover if Kedge and a particular field of study is right for you.

Student Life at Kedge: Clubs, Sports, and Diversity

Student life at Kedge is vibrant and diverse. With over 120 student clubs and organizations, there are many ways to get involved, connect with others, and pursue your passions.

Sports & Wellness

Stay active and relieve stress through Kedge’s sports and wellness programs. The school offers over 20 sports teams, from rugby to sailing. Work out at the gym which features cardio equipment, weights, and fitness classes like yoga or CrossFit. Outdoor enthusiasts can join the hiking, cycling or kayaking club.

Cultural Clubs

Experience different cultures through language exchanges, international dinners, film screenings, and cultural celebrations. The Latin American club hosts salsa dance lessons and Day of the Dead festivities. La Maison de la Chine organizes dumpling-making workshops and Chinese New Year galas.

Professional Clubs

Build valuable career skills and network through Kedge’s professional student clubs. The Consulting Club provides case study practice and connects members with industry leaders. Enactus and AIESEC offer opportunities for international internships and project collaboration.

Diversity & Inclusion

Kedge cultivates an open and inclusive environment where students of all backgrounds feel welcomed and supported. The LGBTQIA+ club raises awareness of issues impacting the queer community. The Kedge Women in Leadership club empowers female students through mentorship programs and events featuring notable women in business.

With endless opportunities for personal and professional growth, the student experience at Kedge goes far beyond the classroom. Joining a few clubs that match your interests is a great way to enhance your time at Kedge and set yourself up for success after graduation.

The Kedge Difference: Preparing Students to Lead With Purpose

At Kedge, developing students into responsible leaders is at the core of everything. The school aims to cultivate a generation of business executives and entrepreneurs equipped with strong ethics and a desire to create positive impact.

Kedge’s vision is to shape “leaders for the 21st century with a global mindset, who act as responsible citizens.” This purpose is woven into all aspects of the programs, whether undergraduate, graduate, or executive education. Students are immersed in real-world learning, gaining practical experience through internships, consulting projects, business simulations and more.

Professors emphasize sustainability, ethics and social responsibility across courses and subjects. Students learn that profit and purpose can harmoniously co-exist. They are encouraged to consider how their decisions can benefit both shareholders and stakeholders.

A variety of extracurricular activities foster leadership, teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit. Kedge students organize impactful events, launch social enterprises, and participate in international case competitions. These initiatives allow them to put their skills and values into practice while still in school.

With campuses in Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulon and Paris, Kedge students also benefit from a diverse, multicultural environment. Over 100 nationalities are represented in the student body, exposing participants to different perspectives and ways of thinking.

Upon graduating, Kedge students join an extensive global alumni network, over 53,000 strong. This lifelong community provides mentorship and connections that often lead to exciting career opportunities.

Through its innovative programs, international presence, and commitment to ethics, Kedge Business School is shaping a new generation of leaders ready to face complex challenges and build a sustainable future. Students acquire the hard and soft skills to thrive in today’s global marketplace, along with a sense of purpose to lead responsibly.


You’ve learned about Kedge Business School, a pioneering institution in France combining business fundamentals with a sense of purpose. Through innovative programs, international experiences, and a strong focus on ethics and sustainability, Kedge is shaping a new generation of leaders poised to make a positive impact. Whether you’re an undergraduate, MBA candidate, or executive, Kedge opens up a world of possibilities. Now it’s up to you. If you’re ready to gain a global perspective, build lifelong connections, and develop skills to thrive in today’s fast-changing world, Kedge may just be the perfect place to launch your career and help create a better future. The next step is yours. Take a chance, follow your purpose, and see where it leads you.

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