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So you’ve worked hard to build your business and now you want to take it to the next level. Growth and scale are on your mind, but how do you empower your enterprise to achieve its full potential? The answer is Etisalat Business Solutions. As the UAE’s leading telecom operator, Etisalat provides innovative solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need connectivity, cloud services, cybersecurity solutions or IoT applications, Etisalat has you covered. Their dedicated business portal and account managers help you find the right solutions for your needs. With Etisalat powering your business, you’ll have the infrastructure and tools to accelerate growth, work smarter, boost productivity and gain valuable insights. So what are you waiting for? Unlock your enterprise’s potential with Etisalat Business Solutions. The future of your business is here.

Connecting Your Business: Etisalat’s Network Solutions

Connecting Your Business: Etisalat’s Network Solutions

Etisalat provides reliable connectivity solutions to empower your enterprise. Their

advanced fiber optic network delivers high-speed, low-latency internet across the UAE.

With Etisalat Business Internet, you get symmetrical upload and download speeds from 50Mbps up to 5Gbps. That means ultra-fast connectivity for transferring huge files, streaming high-definition video, and supporting bandwidth-intensive operations.

Etisalat also offers dedicated internet access with a private leased line just for your business. This provides an uncontended, unshared connection with guaranteed bandwidth and 99.9% uptime. Dedicated internet is ideal for mission-critical connectivity.

To connect multiple locations, consider Etisalat’s IPVPN or MPLS VPN solutions. These provide secure, private network connectivity over Etisalat’s infrastructure. You get the reliability and quality of service of a private leased line at a lower cost.

Etisalat’s network solutions provide:

  1. High-speed, low-latency connectivity.
  2. Symmetrical speeds for fast uploads and downloads.
  3. 99.9% network availability.
  4. Multiple redundancy and automatic failover.
  5. 24/7 support from Etisalat’s expert team.

With a network built for the digital age, Etisalat delivers solutions to suit your unique needs and empower your enterprise with ultra-fast, highly reliable connectivity. Isn’t it time you connected with Etisalat?

Streamlining Operations: Etisalat’s Cloud and Managed IT Services

Streamlining your business operations is key to efficiency and growth. With Etisalat’s cloud and managed IT services, you can automate processes, reduce costs, and focus on what really matters – your customers.

Optimized Productivity

Etisalat provides cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365 to simplify how your teams work together. With business email, file sharing, video conferencing and more integrated into one platform, your employees can seamlessly collaborate no matter where they are.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Forget investing in expensive hardware and software that quickly becomes outdated. Etisalat’s cloud services are hosted offsite and updated regularly at no extra cost to you. You only pay for what you need and can scale services up or down as required.

Enhanced Security

Etisalat’s managed security services use leading technologies and expert support to protect your critical business data 24/7. From firewalls and endpoint protection to vulnerability assessments and compliance monitoring, we help safeguard your digital infrastructure and sensitive information.

Improved Connectivity

Fast, reliable internet connectivity is essential for any enterprise. Etisalat provides high-speed, high-bandwidth options like fiber internet, 4G wireless and SD-WAN to keep your teams and customers connected. Our solutions offer impressive uptime, low latency and the flexibility to suit your unique needs.

From streamlining daily tasks to fortifying your security and enabling company-wide connectivity, Etisalat provides all the building blocks to empower your business. Let our solutions take care of the technical details so you can focus on growth and success. Together, we’ll make your enterprise more efficient, productive and future-ready.

Safeguarding Your Systems: Etisalat’s Cybersecurity Offerings

To keep your business data and systems secure, Etisalat offers a range of cybersecurity solutions. Their experts help identify vulnerabilities, protect your network, and respond in the event of threats.

Identifying Weak Points

Etisalat can perform in-depth assessments to detect risks and gaps in your security. Penetration testing, for example, simulates real-world attacks to uncover vulnerabilities. Vulnerability assessments scan your entire IT infrastructure—servers, routers, firewalls, etc.—to pinpoint weaknesses that could be exploited.

Building Your Defenses

Once risks are identified, Etisalat provides protection on multiple fronts. Firewalls control traffic in and out of your network and block unauthorized access. Antivirus and antimalware software shield your systems from infections and intrusions. Web filtering restricts access to malicious websites. Data encryption safeguards confidential information. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of login security.

Responding to Threats

Even with strong protections in place, cyber threats can still emerge. Etisalat’s security operations center monitors networks around the clock for anomalies and intrusions. In the event of an attack, their incident response teams take swift action to neutralize the threat, minimize damage, and restore normal operations. Forensic investigations can also determine the source and scope of the attack to prevent future incidents.

Ongoing Management

Etisalat’s cybersecurity experts provide continual guidance to help strengthen your security posture over time. They offer recommendations based on the latest threats and technologies, provide employee awareness training, ensure compliance with regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR, and proactively manage and update your security tools and systems. By partnering with Etisalat, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business data and IT infrastructure are protected by experts dedicated to safeguarding enterprises across the UAE.

Growing Globally: International Voice and Data Solutions

Expand your business on a global scale with Etisalat’s international voice and data solutions. Whether you need reliable connectivity for multiple office locations or want to empower your remote workforce, Etisalat has you covered.

International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC)

For businesses with international offices and data centers, IPLCs provide secure, high-speed connections over Etisalat’s private network. IPLCs offer scalable bandwidth and a range of interfaces to suit your needs. With over 160 points of presence worldwide, Etisalat can connect your locations across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and more.

International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL)

For Ethernet-based connectivity between international sites, IEPL provides secure point-to-point connections with flexible bandwidth options. IEPL uses Etisalat’s MPLS network to deliver high performance and reliability. IEPL is ideal for businesses requiring international network connectivity for services like video conferencing, data mirroring, and cloud applications.

International Toll-Free Numbers

Make it easy for your global customers to reach you with international toll-free numbers. Etisalat offers toll-free numbers from over 50 countries that will route calls to your UAE business number. Your customers can call you for free, and you only pay standard call rates based on your existing Etisalat plan. International toll-free numbers are perfect for customer service lines, sales inquiries or general business calls from overseas.

Mobile Roaming and Data Solutions

For businesses with employees frequently traveling internationally, Etisalat offers competitive roaming and data packages. Choose from daily or monthly data bundles, roaming voice minutes and SMS allowances to keep your team connected at affordable rates. Etisalat’s roaming coverage spans over 600 networks across 190 countries.

With Etisalat, empowering your global operations and customer base is simple. Their international connectivity and mobile solutions provide the coverage and capabilities to help your enterprise grow beyond borders. Let Etisalat’s world-class network take your business worldwide.

Supporting Your Success: Etisalat’s Account Management and Expertise

Etisalat’s dedicated account managers and technical experts are there to support your business every step of the way. They provide ongoing guidance to help you get the most out of your solutions and ensure your systems are optimized for peak performance.

24/7 Helpdesk Support

Etisalat’s highly-trained support staff are available around the clock to quickly resolve any issues you may experience and get your services back up and running. They can also help troubleshoot problems, provide technical assistance for any equipment or software, and answer questions about your account, billing, or service subscriptions.

Regular Account Reviews

Your account manager will schedule regular reviews to discuss your current solutions, any new requirements your business may have, and opportunities to improve or expand your services. They can evaluate how well your existing solutions are meeting your needs and recommend upgrades or new products that may better suit your evolving requirements. These reviews help ensure you stay on the cutting edge of technology and your systems continue enabling business growth.

Expert Guidance

Etisalat’s technical consultants and solutions architects have extensive knowledge and experience designing and implementing customized solutions for businesses of all sizes. They can help determine the right solutions for your unique needs and challenges, properly size and configure systems to handle your workload, and plan for future expansion. Their guidance helps you get the advanced, robust, and secure solutions your enterprise demands while avoiding costly mistakes.

Peace of Mind

Knowing Etisalat and their dedicated support team are there for you anytime you need them provides peace of mind. Your critical business systems and sensitive data are in trusted hands. Etisalat has served companies throughout the UAE for over four decades and has a proven track record of delivering reliable, innovative solutions backed by exceptional customer service. With Etisalat as your technology partner, you can rest assured your enterprise is empowered with the solutions and support required for success.


You now have a sense of how Etisalat Business Solutions can supercharge your enterprise. Their connectivity, collaboration, and cloud solutions are tailored to companies of all sizes in the UAE. Whether you need to empower a small team or an entire organization, Etisalat has the tools and expertise to help you work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. What are you waiting for? Visit their website today to learn more about their customizable voice, data, and IT managed services. Unleash the potential of your business and your employees with a strategic technology partner dedicated to driving innovation. The future is digital—make sure your company is ready to embrace it.

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